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14 October 2010 @ 12:16 pm
    I went to the gym today and did great!
    10 minute walk to and from the gym from my house. 
     20 minutes running/jogging on cross trainer at 4.5 to 6.8.
     20 minutes of treadmill at 3.5 speed and 3.5 incline.
     So I did a total of 60 minutes and 20 of that was solid RUNNING on cross trainer, which is so much easier than on the rail trail or the road. The new shoes helped, and they'll live longer if I just work out in a clean gym environment. So that's cool. I don't want to whip out 63 dollars ever four months for new shoes if I can stretch it a bit longer, but new shoes make all the difference.

I look back at all my workout stats and am so proud of myself. How awesome is it that I could start running in August and by October I can do 20 minutes on the cross trainer?! It feels so good to be healthy. It makes me want to take even better care of myself, do nice little things for myself like buying new bras, getting new workout shoes, even doing my laundry, or something simple like putting on nice fresh sheets...it all adds up to me feeling better and taking better care of myself! I rule!

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01 August 2010 @ 07:47 pm
Well, I had my first run today and I have to say I enjoyed it!

10 minute walk

30 seconds of running at a steady but slower pace, followed by 4:30 of brisk walking to recover.
Repeat process for 50 minutes, running at the top of every 5 minutes for 30 seconds.

Cool Down:
10 minutes of walking, gradually slowing the pace.

Things I learned:
     The first two sets were hard, but after that I felt like the endorphins kicked in. I started to feel really upbeat and positive, and had this overwhelming sense of having done something good and positive when I was finished.
     I need to stretch more before and after workouts. The only part of me that hurt was my quads (top front of my legs) and I think that can be remedied by better stretching.
     I was sure to take ibuprofen right after, just to help combat soreness.

I think I'm going to continue trying this, paying special attention to stretching and maintaining a consistent pace.

Woohoo! Go me!
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16 February 2010 @ 11:47 am

Okay, I've been awol from journaling for a few days. My roommates had been allowing me to use their spare laptop since I moved in two years ago, which was super super nice of them. I have really appreciated it. Well, my roommate's daughter moved up here and is going to school, doing great, and really needs a laptop, so they gave it to her to use. I totally understand and support that. I am greatful for the time I had to use it, and for the fact that they are letting me use one of their other two computer's when I need to. So here I am, sitting down to do some journaling about my health.

I know that I need to reset my journaling pattern so that I continue to do it, so that's my goal this week.

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2009


Yogurt - 140

Turkey and Cheese Sandwhich - 420

Gym with my friend Stacey!
Treadmill: 32:01 minutes
1.6 miles
210 calories
weights: 15 minutes (showing Stacey how to use them)

* I got to work out with my friend Stacey, and encourage her in her own health journey. It's awesome to go through side by side with someone else, and I feel fortunate that most of the people in my life are trying to live a healthy life and be active.  More update later.
10 February 2010 @ 10:05 pm

Wednesday, Feb. 10 Eating and excersize.

1 yogurt - 100
2 mini wheat bagels - 200
2 pc. cheese - 160   TOTAL: 460

2 eggs, over easy - 200
2 pc. bread - 160
1 cup hashbrowns - 150
2 sausage patties - 250  TOTAL: 760

Snack 1:
2 pc. thin turkey breast lunchmeat - 100
1 pc. cheese - 80
8 crackers - 100  TOTAL: 280

2 pc. pizza (small slices) - 400


60 minutes shoveling a LOT of snow
Treadmill for 60:09
Calories burned: 415
Miles: 2.88
HR: 123/135

I feel good about today! I went out to eat again and had a large meal, but I planned ahead of time what I was going to have and I stuck carefully to that goal. I also did a LOT of physical activity, and accomplished a lot. My new excersize shoes feel great and really helped out, and I threw the old ones out, so I won't damage my feet anymore. I also finished reading a book today and worked on organizing our kitchen, so overall, I had a super active and happy day. GO ME!


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10 February 2010 @ 09:59 pm

Eating for Tuesday, feb 9th:

1 yogurt - 100
2 wheat mini bagels - 200
2 pc. cheddar cheese - 160   TOTAL: 460

1 cup rice - 150
48 shrimp - 120
sauce - est 120 (white sauce in chinese food)
1 eggroll - 200
1 cup potatoes - 150   TOTAL: 740

2 pc. pizza - 500 

Snack 1:
peppermint mocha latte (one serving) - 140

Snack 2:
mint choc. dippin dots personal cup - 160

TOTAL CALORIC INTAKE: 2000 on the nose

* Well, I came in at exactly 2000 today, but I feel okay about it. I went out to eat and I did a good job controlling what I ate, especially because I was at a chinese buffett place. I went in knowing what I was going to have and I didn't deviate from that. I think, it retrospect, I should have only had one piece of pizza, but overall I was very active all day and I think I handled the eating pretty well.

Walk 60 minutes at the mall with my friend Stacey at a good pace.
- shoveled massive amounts of snowoff driveway all by myself, took me 60 minutes.


08 February 2010 @ 12:59 pm
2-8 (Monday) Eating plan and excersize:

Eating plan:
1 yogurt - 100
just bunches cereal 2/3 cup with 1/2 cup 1% milk - 290    TOTAL: 290

Pre-workout snack:
granola bar - 190

1 cup ham - 220
1 pc cheddar cheese - 80
2 pc bread - 160  TOTAL: 460

turkey and cheese sandwhich - 340
1 orange - 100
1 granola bar - 190   TOTAL: 630

Snack 2:
peppermint mocha latte from international foods coffees - 190


40 minutes on treadmill
2.3 miles
320 calories burned
hr 128/138                                     

* I was feeling great during my workout but I need to buy new shoes and my right ankle started to hurt, so I had to stop before my hour was up. I am buying new shoes, good ones, adidas or nike, with good support, on this thursday.
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08 February 2010 @ 12:49 pm
2-6 and 2-7 (sat and sun) 2010 recap:

The weekend. Ah yes, the time when a young girl's fancy turns to thoughts of sleeping in on Sunday. heheheheh
Okay, it didn't go horribly this weekend. I was much looser than I needed to be in terms of my eating. I know I went over both days, but I didn't go CRAZY over; there was no taco bell binging or mcd binging or anything like that. On saturday I had an extra helping of roast that probably took me 500 calories over, and I obviously didn't chart my food as well. On Sunday I ate at Ponderosa, but I didn't go insane, tried to make it balanced. I did have a tiny piece of cake, but all in all, I think I only went over about 400 calories. So not as bad as it could have been.

Saturday was my first day of using Weights at the gym. I worked out for 30 minutes, then did 15 of weights. I did 10 to 20 lbs on my arms, 12 reps, just 1 set. I did 25-40 lbs on my legs, 12 reps, 1 set each. I think it was a great warmup to using the weights. I want to be sure to still get my hour in of cardio, then do the weights. I know I need to work up to at least 3 sets of 12 on arms and legs, but I don't want to hurt myself about it. So, there we are. I didn't knock it out of the park, but I didn't totally lose control.
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05 February 2010 @ 08:51 am

2-5-10 Friday

So my roommate says, "Wanna get up early and work out?" and I am feeling all awake and wound after work so I say "sure, I'd love to."
Famous last words. Gah, 7 am comes early, but we had to do it then, or we couldn't work out together. So we got up, and we ate breakfast and went to the gym. And I feel fantastic NOW, but oh man, 7 am is awfully ambitious for the girl whose only been waking up before 10 am for the last 2 WEEKS!
That being said, I do feel good, and I get why people say a morning workout helps them get their day off on the right foot.

Eating plan for today:

2/3 cup Just Clusters Cereal - 250
1/2 cup milk - 40
1 yogurt - 100    Total: 390

1 cup chicken rice casserole - 480
1 banana - 100   TOTAL: 580

1 turkey and cheese sandwhich - 360
1 orange - 100   TOTAL: 460

Snack 1:
1 granola bar - 190

Snack 2:
1 mini bagel - 100
1 pc cheese - 50   TOTAL: 150


Treadmill: 45 minutes
Miles: 2.8
Calories burned: 361
Heartrate: 120/138

Mall Walk with Stacey
60 minutes
5 times around


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Okay, so, today ruled. I woke up at 8 am, had a nice breakfast, then took myself to the gym, worked out for an hour (new headphones = totally awesome!). After the gym I went and picked up my friend Stacey and we went to my meeting with my PEEPS. Read my lips: 4.8 lb. weight loss!!!!! BOOO-YAAAAA! I was so happy I couldn't stand it. Really, working with the two of them has been invaluable. We discussed it a bit today and I feel like I have come so far, personally, emotionally, in every way....I don't recognize myself some days, and that's totally cool. I like the new me.
So Stacey and I had lunch at McD's (her pick) and I got a salad...couldn't finish it all...those things are HUGE! After lunch we went to a 'Hoarder' sale, which was kinda fun but also sad is it reminded me of the clutter in my mom's place. Then I said goodbye to Stacey and went home, packed up my food for the rest of the day, and headed off to work.

Here's the eating for 2-4-10 (Thurs.)

1 yogurt - 100
2 whole wheat mini bagels - 200
2 pc. colbyjack cheese - 100   TOTAL: 400

Snack 1:
Granola bar - 190

1/2 Bacon Ranch salad w/ grilled chicken from McD's - 220 est.

1 turkey and cheese sandwhich - 340
2 oranges - 200    TOTAL: 540

Snack 2:
1 yogurt - 140 
2 mini bagel - 200
2 pc. cj cheese - 100   TOTAL: 440


Gym synopsis:
minutes: 60 minutes
miles: 3.1
calories: 435
hr: 128/143
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04 February 2010 @ 10:28 am
Alright, let's talk about Tues.2-2 and Wednesday 2-3.
As a beautful, added gift, I woke up with what I knew right away was a cellulitus patch on my left thigh. GRRRRR!!!!! So I went in to work for an hour because I was needed, then to urgent care and got the requisit meds and such for said infection. Also was told no excersize until the patch was no longer red. So already the day's off to a crap start. On top of all this, it's my mom's 60th birthday, and I guess I thought, somewhere in my head, that she'd actually return my call and let me take her out to dinner or something. But no, no call. So I promptly went out and spent the money I would have on her dinner on my roommate's teenage daughter who needed school stuff. It was fun to do that, and she was really excited about all of it. It was nice to support her in going back to school and to get to spoil SOMEONE on groundhog's day.

Of course by then the antibiotic is making me feel really awful and sick (first two days of antibiotics always do) so I go to sleep immediately and don't get up until 8 pm. I proceed to eat like crap all night because I'm far too hungry, and then, at 11 pm, I check my messages and my mom had called me at 5:30 three times saying she was getting together with friends for dinner and applebees and I was invited. A dinner that had already come and gone. GRRRRr. I called her back on the cell, thinking she had it, and THE EVIL ONE answered, so I hung up and called back, leaving a message on the house phone. So I guess we'll celebrate her birthday another day.

The day was a total loss to me. I just felt awful all day and I ate badly because of it and my poor planning. I don't plan well when illness hits. I must work on that.

GOAL: Illness plan! have it in place so I can go into no brainer mode when stuff happens.


A bit better. I still felt gross, but a bit better, and I ate a bit better too. I still think I went over 2000 calories, but just barely. I wasn't eating from emotion, just trying to balance myself out again. By the end of the day I felt really in control and good about myself, so that's good. I also made my thursday plan ahead of time so that got me in the right mind frame.